A Springbrook Retreat to Unwind, Relax and Heal

Welcome to Starlight Crystal Healing Centre, your one-day healing journey into the realms of the forest for high energy retreat gatherings, personalised crystal healings and a variety of wellbeing workshops. Here we assist you in quieting down from your busy schedule, busy mind, and body. Invigorate and re-connect with your spirit.

A day at Starlight Crystal Healing Centre will keep you coming back for more.

It is amazing to realise how refreshed and aligned you feel after indulging yourself in one of our services or Forest Retreat Days. The breathtaking environment of Springbrook re-energises the whole body, combine this with the healing modalities we offer and you will definitely want to be on our mailing list for our intimate small group, one day retreats and more.

Rainforest Retreats

Our Rain Forest Retreats will leave you feeling like you have just had a nature bath. Not only will you feel like you've been away for a week you will come away with a renewed sense of creativity, community and spiritual connection.

Crystal Healing

If you are looking for a Crystal Healer in Brisbane or Crystal Healing in Springbrook you have found your way to the right place. Heather channels crystal healing energy that will be felt physically, energetically and emotionally on all levels.

Wellbeing Workshops

Our one day wellbeing workshops are unique in that each theme evokes and connects with a certain aspect of ourselves. Whether it be Creative Art, Dance/Yoga/ Movement, Sound Therapy, or Group Hypnosis it will create positive change.

Workshop and Retreat Timetable 2021

Our workshops and retreats sell out fast due to small intimate group numbers. To reserve your space simply click the the button below and connect or view our upcoming events on the timetable.


We love testimonials because they let us know how great people feel when they immerse themselves in our self healing workshops, days in the forest and healing sessions. It also give us feedback and helps us review our processes so we can better serve you.

Both my wife and I have received Heather’s crystal healing. She channeled so much during the 2 hrs we spent with her. We miss seeing her for re-energising. She has made a huge difference in our lives.

George and Glenys
Mt Cotton 2018

I did not expect to feel energy literally rushing through my body in Heather’s crystal healing. It felt like I was being cleansed in a way that left me feeling clearer ... lighter.

Rebecca. S
Everton Hills 2020

The Rainforest Retreat I attended offered so much more than I expected. I came away realising I didn't spend enough time in community and self reflection. I re-booked for the next one so i didn't miss out!

Karen. V
Kenmore 2019