My journey working with crystals began about 10 years ago. In fact they found me. I had been practising Reiki and energy work and I was looking for something else as an aid to holistic healing. From the time I started incorporating crystals into my re-balancing sessions my work took on a whole new aspect. People started showing up at my door and then re-booking for healings with me. This told me something greater was happening here.  Over the years I have continued to work with my crystals and am constantly amazed at how they guide me and act as a conduit for healing energy which moves through the people I work with. I look forward to working alongside the crystal energy within the high frequency of Springbrook National Park.


Using mediums such as Paint, Clay, Sand Paint, Collage, Drawing, Mosaic and more I focus on creating an ambient, relaxing and natural environment that offers a contrast to everyday, city life. It is a space where I can provide more than an art therapy session, it is a place that stimulates creativity and promotes a break from one's everyday life. In my sessions we have a opportunity to express ourselves and to produce creative art that lay dormant within us. These sessions reveal elements of ourselves, not in a highly artistic construct but representational and symbolic in the nature of self-expression. I love seeing people reveal themselves to themselves, having fun, being in joy and healing.


There is nothing more satisfying for me than moving my body in dance and rhythm. When I first experienced Salsa and Merengue dancing it was not in Brisbane ... it was in Egypt. Latin dancing ignited my soul and I knew it was not only something I  wanted to do but teach others.  Why? Because when we move our bodies to music we increase our creative flow, we access the freedom to be ourselves, we have loads of fun and learn how to connect with our body in a way that no other modality does.  I knew that being a dance instructor was what I wanted to do with my life and so started Boogie Camp in Brisbane. It's been well over a decade and I still love teaching dance.


I call myself 'the passionate and creative cook'. I love creating and sharing nourishing wholesome menus and using fabulous, fresh ingredients. The food I prepare is not only delicious but nutritious, homely, rustic and yet elegant. These days I find myself cooking more and more and always looking for a way to turn the any ingredient/s into something mouth watering. My culinary skills have now also morphed into the vegetarian, vegan food movement which entices me to come up with scrumptious meals that leave my guests wondering how a plant based meal could taste so delectable. My vision when  catering for Starlight Crystal Healing days is to keep the body mind and spirit happy. 


Having worked in the field of Psychotherapy for decades, as well as operating in my own business, Restorei, as a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist in Brisbane.  I am still always curious to facilitate, educate and assist people in journeying and uncovering aspects of themselves that they are unaware of. I see myself as a modern day Sharman, Witch and Nature Spirit, who not only works with the human psyche but with mind/body, tuning into energy fields and higher frequencies. Here I assist you in connecting with yourself on every level, which includes self awareness of our shadow aspects, personality parts and creative expression. When incorporating Hypnotic suggestions with this form of therapy we can re-frame old and create new life situations.

Helen. R

My primary role within 'Starlight Crystal Healing' is being the creator of whatever needs doing in the preparation for the retreat and workshop days. I also love creating quirky pieces, including cushions, curtains, timber signs, screen printing and creating unusual knick-knacks for the Art Workshop.  My unique style and attention to detail is well suited to the needs of this business.  Another of my favourite roles is assisting 'The gastronomic guru' herself, Narelle, within Rell's catering. I'm excited to be part of this venture and my roles have allowed me to extend and grow my own creative abilities.

Workshop and Retreat Timetable 2021

It is amazing to realise how refreshed and aligned you feel after indulging yourself in one of our services or Forest Retreat Days.