Heather is an energy worker using healing crystals - channelling crystal healing.

"I started my love of working with crystals about 10 years ago in fact they found me. I had been practising Reiki and energy work and I was looking for something else as an aid to holistic healing. Crystals came to me as a gift in the form of a niggling voice in my head. For many years I was being urged to use the crystals I had been given. At this point I could no longer ignore the guiding push to incorporate crystals into my healing work.

I could no longer ignore the guiding push to incorporate crystals within my healing work.

I used all my crystals on myself when I first began before I started working with others. I became amazed at their power and the relationship I was beginning to have with them. For me particularly, they worked on healing my emotional blockages, which were caused by years of hanging onto grief caused by a serious car accident I had in my teens. The crystals helped me immensely, overcome many obstacles, allowing me to see my way through issues I had hung onto. It was a deep and emotional healing that I felt. I was truly amazed and knew I had to share it.

Crystal Healing tunes specifically into the individual transmitting messages via their guides … messages that I can deliver.

People started showing up at my door and then re-booking for healings with me. This told me something greater was happening here. Over the years I continued to work with my crystals on a ‘as needed’ basis and to accommodate this, naturally I began winding down my day work in the corporate world. By the time I moved to beautiful Springbrook Forest I knew my journey with crystals was definitely underway.

My aim now is to help others in clearing blockages within their body and energy fields, renewing energy levels, aiming for increased levels of self-worth, and motivation, releasing fears, dealing with grief and bringing joy and peace into one’s life.

There is an energy that works through me and alongside the crystals I work with. I deliver messages directly to the person I am working with. It is my love and greatest pleasure to share my gift with you”.


Crystals have an amazing way of assisting us in instantly releasing emotional blocked energy.

Rainforest Retreats

Looking for a rain forest escape with a differnce? Starlight Crystal Healing offers a getaway for a day with a host of holistic group activities in the beautiful Region of Springbrook National Park.

Crystal Healing

The art of Crystal Healing is again uprising as we discover their ability to clear energy blocks within the physical and etheric body easily, especially when facilitated by an experienced healer.

Wellbeing Workshops

Our one day workshops offer a variety of health and well-being activities that will inspire and ignite the creative, contemplative and fun loving side of you.